10 Things

10 Things you may not know about Bubby’s


We compost all of our food waste (including paper products) and recycle our soft plastics and our used cooking oil to be used as Biodiesel.


We have earned ‘Green Certification’, the highest designation, from Synergy Enterprises for 35 verified sustainability practices and a ‘Climate Smart’ certification from our full carbon audit of the restaurant.


We use takeout cups, cutlery and to go containers that are compostable. So be sure to put them in your green bin.


All of our meats including beef, chicken & pork (even the bacon and hot dogs) are naturally raised, hormone and antibiotic-free, and sourced locally.


Every day we serve and prepare over 50 pounds of hashbrowns from locally sourced yukon gold baby potatoes!


We are OceanWise certified for every item on our menu that comes from the sea, using only sustainably harvested seafood.


7We enjoy giving back to the community by sponsoring events, charities and local causes. Every month we help local children get fed through hot lunch programs by partnering with Mealshare.ca


The green ‘cob’ bench is the first commercial application of this ancient sustainable building technique to be used in Canada.


All of our espresso drinks use two shots and the coffee beans are aged a minimum of four days for optimum flavour. All of our coffee is locally roasted here in Victoria by Discovery Coffee.


All of the water that you are drinking and that we cook with is filtered on site.