Breakfast Menu

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Bubby's Bennies

  • The Blackstone
    Double smoked bacon, grilled tomato & a lime crema aioli on our homemade tea biscuit with real hollandaise, served with baby potatoes.
  • Classic Benny
    $11 / 15.5
    Double smoked Kassler ham on our homemade tea biscuit with hollandaise, served with country potatoes.
  • Florentine Benny
    $10.50 / 15
    Grilled tomato, sautéed baby spinach, mushrooms & poached eggs on house made herb tea biscuit & hollandaise, served with country potato.
  • The West Coast
    House smoked salmon & sweet potato cakes, topped with fresh dill house pickles and crispy capers.

Off The Grill

  • Kids Pancake
    100% organic spelt flour, rolled oats, organic maple syrup. Served with fruit.
  • Kids Omelet
    Two free run eggs and melted cheese, multigrain or sourdough toast & country potatoes.
  • 1 + 1 + 1
    One free run egg your way, choice of bacon or breakfast sausage, multigrain or sourdough toast, country potatoes.
  • Veggie Omelette
    Filled with mushroom, bell pepper, spinach, sliced red onion, shallots & mixed cheese. Topped with sliced fresh avocado, served with country potato and toast.
  • Buttermilk Pancakes
    Three buttermilk pancakes made with organic spelt flour, rolled oats. Served with organic maple syrup & butter with a choice of blueberries, chocolate chips, or plain.
  • Freestyle Breakfast
    Two free-run eggs cooked your way, choice of bacon, ham, or breakfast sausage, baby potatoes & toast.
  • Bacon Scramble
    Three free-run eggs scrambled with crispy bacon, red onions, mushrooms, maple cheddar & fresh scallions, served with baby potatoes & toast.
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